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1. Burning Rubber 3
2. Counter Strike
3. Moto Urban Fever
4. Rally Point
5. 3D MotorBike Racing
6. Transformers: Stronghold
7. Police Pursuit
8. Spiderman 3: Rescue Mary Jane
9. Traffic Slam
10. Mad Truckers

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1.War Machine
2.Street Challenger
3.Hot Rods
4.Park Master
5.Rave Rider
6.Burnin Rubber
7.Race to Kill
8.Moto Risk
9.Sportbike Sprint
10.V12 Challenge
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Listed above are games that you can host on your website, blog, facebook, myspace, etc. To download them to your computer, simply open the games up in IE and wait for the game to load. Click "Tools", "Internet Options", "Browsing History Settings", "View Files" and download the game to your computer. Check out this website on cheats for battlefield hardline here.

War Machine
War Machine - Your squad is stranded in the desert and terrorists are everywhere!  Get into your War Machine and ride through the city streets as you rescue your friends and run over the enemy!
Street Challenger
Street Challenger - Weave down city streets knocking down as many green cones as you can!  Play Street Challenger and see if you can make it through all 10 difficult levels!
Hot Rods
Hot Rods - Its a battle between classic Hot Rods in this fun flash racing game!  Jump on the highway and race to the finish line all while avoiding oncoming traffic, obstacles and more!
Park Master
Park Master - Test your driving skills in Parking Master, a game with some of the most tightly packed parking spots and impossible parking situations! Feel free to push some cars out of the way, but make sure you don't overdo it or you'll total your car!
Rave Rider
Rave Rider - Rave Rider is a fun flash game where you get to cruise over mountaintops in your suped up car!  Build up your car using coins you collect, take multiple paths and watch out for nitrous boosts!
Burnin Rubber
Burnin Rubber - Get ready to tear up the streets in Burnin Rubber, an awesome shockwave racing game!  Keep winning your races to unlock new tracks and cars!
Race to Kill
Race to Kill - Choose your car and get ready to help the mob blow up the opposing mafia family in Race to Kill!  Complete different missions and make sure to avoid police detection!
Moto Risk
Moto Risk - Get ready for an offroad dirt biking adventure as you travel through forests, beaches, mountains and more in MotoRisk!  See if you have what it takes to beat the best riders by competing in their secret championship.  Prove yourself worthy by performing insane stunts and then entering the dirt bike championship!
Sportbike Sprint
Sportbike Sprint - Get on your motorcycle and prepare yourself to either perform a stunt show or race against 3 other competitors in Sportbike Sprint!  Drift or pop wheelies for extra points, but be careful, if you mess up you'll be eating asphalt!
V12 Challenge
V12 Challenge - Test your NASCAR driving skills in this exciting racing game!  Hit incredible speeds as you avoid barrels, construction sites, and more.  Play V12 Challenge now and be prepared for the race of a lifetime!
Jeep Big Adventures
Jeep Big Adventures - Take the Jeep Patriot offroad in this cool 3d racing game!  Play Jeep Big Adventure and hit the mountain trails which are full of giant hills and potential pitfalls!  Collect bonuses and powerups for extra points!
Jungle ATV
Jungle ATV - Get on your trusty ATV and get ready for a wild ride through the jungle!  Jump rocks, fly down huge hills and see if you can reach checkpoint!
Turbo Tanks
Turbo Tanks - Play Turbo Tanks and get ready to roll your way through deserts, snowstorms and more in this crazy racing flash game!  See if you can make it through all 12 challenging levels!
Burning Rubber 3
Burning Rubber 3 - Get ready for racing with an extra element of danger in Burnin' Rubber 3!  Not only are you going to be competing against other souped up sports cars, but this time you have a massive arsenal of customizable weapons to help you win!
Extreme Trucks 2
Extreme Trucks 2 - Ride through the desert in your monster truck in Extreme Trucks 2!  Hit major jumps, ride rickety elevators and try to reach the end of each level without destroying your truck!

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